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Botielus (aka the Squeezebox Hero) is a professional musician and composer who has played a zillion gigs over a few decades! All around the USA, as well as Germany Europe, Canada, and Nova Scotia (so far!). He has been in many bands (including US Army bands in Virginia & Germany), had his own bands, different solo shows (piano, synthesizer), and plays a few other instruments, including sax and triangle (and one song on harmonica!).

He has 4 solo synthstrumental albums so far, and has appeared on TV (including the 2nd season of America's Got Talent, the award winning cable access "The Chess Show" out of Portland Oregon, a couple indie movies, and an extra in Dr Giggles!). For his synthstrumental and other music, visit his website

"Not related to Weird Al"

                                                             - Botielus

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