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Fun singing accordionist who plays lots of polka, rock,
pop, sing-a-longs, tv themes, and other music from various decades.


Concerts, singing telegrams (squeezagrams!), parties, events, conventions, clubs, bars, funerals, weddings, some restaurants, and MORE!


For booking, my GIGSALAD page is best

(or theBash, your favorite agent, or just contact me direct!)

I've played a zillion Oktoberfests, concerts, dinner parties, singing telegrams, and more. In Germany, some of europe, Canada, Nova Scotia, Grand Cayman Island, & USA!

I compose and read music and charts. University of Texas (Austin), University of Houston, US Army school of music, and College of Southern Nevada

I also play a mean sax (tenor, alto, baritone, and soprano).

And know 2 bar chords of guitar, and am the 4th best Triangle player in the world!

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