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Just send a request to him OR order on his page


$25 and up (or even LESS!)

He'll make a unique video for your favorite person!

He'll  send you link to download the video. Then you can send to your person (or better, upload to your youtube or something, then send the person the link - since the video file is fairly large!).  He'll  deliver within 7 days.

These are for birthdays, holidays, retirements, weddings, get well, say hi/miss you/etc. NO COMMERCIAL purposes (well, YES if approved and extra fee)

Videos are between 2 and 12 minutes long! If you'd like it on the shorter or longer side, just let him know! Note: if filmed outside, there might be sounds of nature that he can't control (a bit hard to understand him sometimes! Although he does his best to make sure the main bits are fine - i.e. speaks/sings extra loud and clear!)

Here are a few of the over 700 he has done in the last 10 years!


$30 for unique one filmed LIVE for your person ($50 total)


$30 to make it within 48 hours

$60 for next day

$50 to film it in front of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign (or other Las Vegas landmark (his choice due to parking/weather/crowds/lighting/etc)

(He's learned to do it early in morning for less background noise!)

Here is one filmed at the sign

$20 to do a video about something different that the above occasions!

. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .

To get one for LESS MONEY, order direct from him! Let him know why (you're a friend or family member, you're famous, your awesome but super poor at the moment, etc!).


$10 cheap quickie video?! (NON live video) He can do this within 24 hours (or less!) if he is at home with his computer. It is a video he ALREADY filmed, but then adds your person's name(s)/and sound effect onto the video:


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